Diversity & Inclusion

Discovering Strengths. Creating Hope.

In the current climate of our country and our world, we want to take this opportunity to revisit our mission, vision and purpose. As a school community we exist to celebrate differences — learning differences, ability differences, cultural and racial differences.

Our ultimate goal is to create an environment that respects individual differences, promotes communication, and supports all areas of the student while preparing each for productive adulthood. A safe, caring, respectful and inviting environment is key to who we are as a school.

We have always strived to create a community where our differences are celebrated and unite us, and now, more than ever, that remains true. As our students and staff know, kindness and respect are the foundations on which we build our community; we will continue to focus on kindness and respect within the walls of our school and as we venture out into the world together.

As we look forward to the coming school year, we look forward to continuing to celebrate one another, continuing to encourage each other in a spirit of unity as we all grow, and continuing to support one another inclusively as we stretch, struggle and succeed. May we all lead with love and acceptance!