Vision & Mission

Discovering Strengths. Creating Hope.


ClearWater Academy is a trendsetter, leader and pioneer in the state of Georgia and a national model for how students with learning differences should be educated. We teach children age six through high school. ClearWater Academy is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) and is dedicated to creating a school that exceeds all expectations. Our highly trained staff, and therapists support each student’s academic, social/emotional and therapeutic needs in a positive learning environment. We continually seek to offer cutting edge, research based instruction unique to every student. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment that respects individual differences, promotes communication and supports all areas of the student while preparing each for productive adulthood.


The mission of ClearWater Academy is to create a safe, inclusive, and inviting environment as we strive to discover the individual strengths of every student and create hope for the future.

ClearWater Academy is a best in class school providing:

  • A sensory-sensitive environment
  • An individualized learning plan that considers interests, strengths, and preferences, as well as strategies to address targeted academic areas
  • Thematic instruction, integrated curriculum, and authentic assessments to measure student understanding and performance of key skills
  • An all-inclusive, unique blend of social/emotional regulation strategies
  • Differentiating Therapies (Speech, Occupational, Equine, Music, Outdoor Recreation and more)
  • Career Development Program/Life Skill Training
  • Cutting-edge Assistive Technology Instruction
  • Collaboration between the home and school