"ClearWater Academy has been such a blessing for our son. He looks forward to school each day, and his academic classes are meaningful and engaging. The teachers and staff at ClearWater take a genuine interest in my son, cultivating his gifts, supporting his needs, and challenging him to reach his full potential."

"Our son rode in the car for an hour saying, 'We celebrated my birthday!' yesterday, and he was super excited! We've celebrated every year, but it never registered like this year. We know your goals are many and education is key but our son connected yesterday. We cannot thank you enough."

“Her teachers offer so much care and compassion.”

“I felt like I was going through the alternate reality of raising a special needs child alone. ClearWater has given me a support family that my daughter and I both needed.”

“Its [ClearWater Academy's] environment is the best place our kids can be.”  

“Our son can be a “regular” kid after school. He’s been going to therapy every day after school for countless years and for him to come home, do homework, and play is such a blessing to him and his mom!”

“ClearWater Academy has provided our daughter the therapies she needs while she is at school, and this has been such a relief to our family.”

“The breadth of ClearWater’s curriculum and therapy is truly amazing, but what truly sets ClearWater apart and makes us so happy that our child is here is the love and care that she gets at school every day.”

“Our family is very grateful to the founders and all the teachers for providing a school in our community to meet our child’s needs when we felt nothing like it existed.”

“My son attends ClearWater Academy and we’ve had a wonderful experience. He went from crying everyday in public school to being excited about going to school. He used to have private therapy 6x/week. Now, he has all his services & therapy at school. This school has been a blessing for him and our family. I would highly recommend ClearWater Academy. The staff & teachers are fabulous and love what they do. This is the school’s first year being open and I see nothing but success & growth in the future.”

“My son has improved dramatically thanks to the expertise of the staff. I have not found another school that offers so many therapies and academics!”

“The Social/Emotional program at ClearWater Academy is amazing. My son is six years old, and after being at ClearWater for about six months, he told me ‘I love you!’ for the first time ever, and I could tell he meant it.”

“My daughter has had therapy her whole life, but she enjoys Therapeutic Riding at ClearWater Academy so much that she doesn’t even view it as therapy.”


“I like seeing my buddies.”

“I like to learn new things, and I like going to work at Clothes Less Traveled.”

“I like the helpful strategies such as fidgeting and squeezing Theraputty when I am upset.”

“The amazing teachers have taught me a lot of things for my future and life.”

“I like to see Libby the dog because I love dogs, and she helps me stay calm.”

“I love how the teachers are very one on one in [teaching] academics.”

“The teachers will always have faith in you.”

“My favorite thing about ClearWater Academy is being able to go to the community garden and then plant a garden at our school.”

“I enjoy when we have art because we get to have fun and get messy.”

“I like ClearWater Academy because they let you go at the learning pace you need, and they are always very flexible.”

“At ClearWater Academy, I get to use special strategies that other schools don’t allow.”