Academic Programs

ClearWater Academy embraces a philosophy of using the most advanced methods of teaching and learning. These methods include thematic instruction, in which educational experiences are tied into designated themes that help students form connections more readily. We also use an integrated curriculum approach. Activities in reading, social studies, science, writing, math and technology are related to our themes and to one another.

An Example of Thematic Instruction and Integrated Curriculum

If the theme is discovery, a student may:

  • read about a famous explorer
  • use math to plan for the amount of provisions needed
  • construct a map in art to illustrate a route and depict the new plants and animals encountered along the way
  • physically go on an expedition in a wooded area and make measurements of trees for both math and science
  • Prepare a written log of the expedition that will be converted to a PowerPoint presentation

We Validate Learning with Authentic Assessment

ClearWater also uses authentic assessment, offering a variety of ways a student can show mastery of material including presentations, portfolios, drama, and of course the more traditional assessments.

We Celebrate Multiple Intelligences

The concept of multiple intelligences also serves as a guiding force in teaching and learning for our students. This concept recognizes that there are many ways of being “smart,” that we all have individual best ways of learning and best ways of showing what we know. The focus is on enhancing strengths while building areas that need strengthening.

We Understand Special Needs

ClearWater Academy provides targeted, specialized instruction in particular areas of academic weakness for students. For example, ClearWater Academy uses research-proven techniques (such as but not limited to Orton-Gillingham, Edmark, Readwell, SPIRE, Seeing Stars, Visualizing and Verbalizing, and Talkies) for helping students struggling with initial decoding in reading, and for improving reading comprehension. All of our teachers are Lindamood-Bell trained and use this methodology to support language and reading development.

We also use a highly-researched approach (such as but not limited to On Cloud Nine Math, SRA Number Worlds) for helping students who struggle with math to assure that students master necessary skills before proceeding to later concepts. This specially-designed approach targets the way students who have difficulty with math best need to learn.