New Parent Perspective on ClearWater Academy

December 15, 2016
CWA Parent

For us finding ClearWater has ensured that we get our happy, smart boy back. Since moving out of our home state, my child had struggled in the local public school setting with developing true friendships. He started showing signs of depression and regression, and so we started looking for options. After he spent a day at ClearWater as part of the admissions process, it was clear to us that this was the best place for him – an entire school full of kids just like him and teachers that understand them.

One of our greatest fears for him occurs when he is out of our home in the “real world” and at this age, that means primarily school. Will he be accepted? Will he be treated with kindness and respect? Will he have success in trying new things? Can we trust the people around him to do the right thing for him? Will he learn what is needed to become a productive, happy adult?

At ClearWater, our child is accepted. He has met some wonderful people, enjoys new things (horseback riding, hiking, tennis), and has learned to work through some areas of conflict that can occur when you are among your true peers. When we hear a resounding “YES” in response to our asking him if he likes school, its like a weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

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