Uniform Guidelines

The CWA Uniform Policy is in effect on all school days unless the student is attending Therapeutic Riding, ORA, Fitness day, or it is a designated Spirit Day. Students are required to wear a solid colored collared, short or long-sleeve golf-type shirt in dark navy blue, light blue or white embroidered with the CWA logo. Khaki or navy blue pants, shorts or full-wrap skort, skirts (biking shorts underneath) must also be worn. Cargo shorts that fit neatly may also be worn. Solid colored blue, black or white socks along with shoes of your choice (closed toe only) are mandatory. Outer wear worn all day MUST be navy blue only and appropriately embroidered.

  • Dress code: Students are to wear our school uniform from arrival until dismissal times, unless it is a Therapeutic Riding, ORA, Fitness day, or designated Spirit day. On these days, students are to dress in their CWA t-shirt and comfortable, appropriate shorts/jeans (with no holes) suitable for these activities. All uniforms must be clean, fit appropriately, and be in good repair at all times. Only shirts with embroidered logos are acceptable (no heat/screen printed logos). Socks are to be worn at all times. Closed-toe shoes or sneakers should be worn on riding and ORA days. Hats or caps or beanies may not be worn in class (unless approved as a sensory strategy). Shirts should be tucked in and a belt worn if pants/shorts have belt loops. Girls may wear appropriate makeup. There should be no visible piercings aside from girls’ post-type earrings. Modest bows, clips, and bracelets that are not distracting are allowed. Appropriate under garments should be worn at all times.
  • Hair policy: All hair must be kept neat and well groomed. Radical styles including unusual shapes and/or colors are not permitted for boys or girls. Boys’ hair must be cut above the eyebrows, not to cover more than ½ of the ear and above the collar. Boys should groom facial hair as needed.
  • Dress Code Violations: Wearing appropriate CWA clothing is encouraged each day. While some days are not as formal as others (jeans/CWA T-Shirts), it is still school policy to wear CWA approved clothing. Outerwear worn in class must have the CWA logo on it. Outerwear worn outside of school is at the parent’s discretion. We ask that you be cognizant of this policy and encourage proper attire from a home perspective also. The administration reserves the right to rule on the appropriateness of the uniform and hair style, and a parent may be called to bring a change of clothing if deemed necessary.